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FACESNewsletter_19th edition

April 2013 Newsletter Issue 19

In this issue: Faith Healing in the Context of HIV, Attempting the Faith Healing Path, FACES Snapshot, Uliza!, Staff Spotlights, FACES Updates, HIV Clinic Opening at Rongo District Hospital, Once Bitten Twice Shy story. FACESNewsletter_19th edition  

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FACESNewsletter_18th_10jan2013 1_0001

January 2013 Newsletter Issue 18

In this issue: About World AIDS Day, Coming to Terms with HIV and  Speaking Out, FACES Snapshot, World AIDS Day in Kisumu East, Standing Tall in Migori District, FACES Nairobi in Kijiji, Raising HIV Awareness in Rongo  District, Additional World AIDS Day photos, FACES Updates and World AIDS Day in Mbita District FACESNewsletter_18th_10jan2013

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August 2012 newsletter

In this issue: Positively Boosting HIV Prevention, Great Progress on the HIV prevention Front, FACES Snapshot, Positively Boosting HIV Prevention, Living Positively—A Discordant Couple’s, Enrollment Over Time, Five Key PwP Steps (at every clinic visit), Quote Corner—Patients Say, STEP Experience, Staff Spotlight, FACES Updates, Client Stories. Read about these topics and more in the August 2012 […]

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MC Client

April 2012 Newsletter

In this issue:  Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention, Welcome, Taking the Male Circumcision Leap, FACES Snapshot, Engaging the Community in Ongo, Rongo District,  Enrollment Over Time, Uliza!, God Jope Dispensary: a Top PMTCT Performer,  God Jope Staff Spotlight, FACES Updates, Taking the Male Circumcision Leap. Read about these topics and more in the April 2012 […]

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december 2011

December 2011 Newsletter

In this issue: Innovative Approaches for Adolescent Health, Faces of Determination: 2011 Worlds AIDS Day Celebration in Kisumu, FACES Snapshot, Sunburst and FACES: Brightening Young Lives, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner: Adolescents Say…, STEP Experience, FACES Updates, Football Donation Round Up for Kids Club!, Managing HIV and Life as a Teen. Read about these topics and more […]

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September 2011

September 2011 Newsletter

In this issue: FACES – MOH Collaboration, STEP Experience, FACES Snapshot, Statistical Approach to Integration Process, Ministry of Health District Records Information Officers (MOH DHRIOs), Quote Corner, DHRIOs Say, Staff Spotlight, FACES Updates, PPCT Rapid Results Initiative Achievements, Dedication to Care and Longevity – Barrack’s Story. Read about these topics and more in the September […]

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April 2011

April 2011 Newsletter

In this issue: Cervical Cancer Screening in HIV? Oh Yes!!, Enrollment over time trend, FACES Snapshot, Providing Supported Referrals for GBV in Migori District, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, Patients Say…, STEP Experience, FACES Updates, Little Drops of Water Make a Mighty Ocean, Jamila Says: Get Screened, Get Treated. Read about these topics and more in […]

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Football Club

January 2011 Newsletter

In this issue: World Contraception Day, HIV and Family Planning Integration, FACES Snapshot, Macalder Waiting Bay, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, Family Planning Field Trip to Rwanda, FACES Updates, Soccer Donation, FACES 2 Transition, World AIDS Day 2010 Celebration, Family Planning – Men Embracing Vasectomy. Read about these topics and more in the January 2011 newsletter.

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September 2010

September 2010 Newsletter

In this issue: FACES Nairobi Gets a Facelift!, Plumpy’nut Making a Difference, FACES Snapshot, The Intersection of HIV and Nutrition, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, STEP Experience, FACES Updates, Shamba Maisha – Sustainable Means to Better Nutrition, A New Beginning, Plumpy’nut Working Miracles. Read about this and other topics in the September 2010 newsletter.

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June 2010

June 2010 Newsletter

In this issue: Remba Health Clinic Opens!, FACES Response to TB and HIV in Nyanza, Children Facing TB and HIV Coinfection, World TB Day Celebration, Staff Spotlight, Enrollment Over Time, Quote Corner, Patients Say…, STEP Experience, Learning Exchange At SFGH, FACES Updates, From Patient to Provider – Diana Okungu’s Story. Read about these topics and more in the June 2010 newsletter.

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march 2010

March 2010 Newsletter

In this issue: Shamba Maisha Farmers’ Double Income, Patient Population Snapshot, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, Patients Say…, PSI Delivers, Quality Matters, Revolutionizing Patient Tracking and Management, FACES Updates, FACES Enrollment & ART Scale  Up, Reducing HIV Transmission – Rapid Result Initiative, Helplessness Behind! Read about these topics and more in the March 2010 newsletter.

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november 2009

November 2009 Newsletter

In this issue: Strengthening Teams: A Mountain Top Experience, On the Shoulders of Giants, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, Health Systems Update, Riders for Health Donation, FACES Volunteer Comments, Enrollment Update, PPCT Update, VMMC Update, Way to Go Kwee Family and AYSO!, Don Bounces Back! Read about these topics and more in the November 2009 newsletter.

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