Angelique Undisa

0000023489-ange2Angelique Undisa

Nairobi, January – February 2015

Since starting my volunteer work at KEMRI/FACES I have no complains whatsoever, all I have is much appreciation and much thanks to the FACES team. It has been my dream to help others and as I have been placed in this environment I give to the best of my ability. The FACES staff members have been very welcoming and really willing and ready to share their knowledge with me, since the first day I came I felt the warmth that surrounded the place and I felt right at home. Also the fact that I am able to learn other skills through my rotation in other departments is just priceless. Learning new things has always been my goal in life and I am willing to perfect those other skill sets with the help of FACES staff.

My first encounter with Simon who is the head counselor was very welcoming. He took his time to explain to me what was expected of me as I began my stay with them. He was very patient and as I attended his counseling sessions I was well informed. The sessions were and continue to be very educative for me. I have learnt quite a lot compared to how I came in, emphasis being on adherence counseling, something I am very new at. Each counselor has a strong point and I am picking up on those points. When clients come in the room they seem to be very low but as the session goes on and on I begin to see their faces light up, their hope is renewed again because of the information they receive from the counselors. This encourages me more to be a better counselor and to reach out to those who seem to have given up in life. They have inspired me and encouraged me to move ahead, never to give up on life. I also have had the privilege of doing counseling sessions under supervision and I would say am getting more and more comfortable and knowledgeable as I continue to do it. Am still learning and hope to master and perfect my counseling skills.

The limited time that I have offered my volunteer services at FACES has been of great benefit. I used my time well and let me say that the team is well organized and very fast when they give their services to patients. I must confess since I was presented with multi-tasking opportunities I was a bit hesitant at first because I did not know how I will catch up with that speed, but as I continued to get used to it I felt more comfortable and had to catch up with the team. I like the fact that FACES offers these opportunities to learn how other departments work and through this one is able to learn new skills and come out of their comfort zone. I would really like to thank FACES for coming up with the STEP program that is helping those who do not have any experience gain it and also helps us to sharpen our skills and feel confident enough to offer our services to our clients. Till we meet again. God Bless.

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