Family AIDS Care and Education Services

FACES works to advance health care through high quality medical and social research, health care services, and training in collaboration with partners in Kenya and internationally.

We are engaged in a wide range of projects in Kenya to improve the health of vulnerable populations and to strengthen local health care systems for sustainable, quality health care delivery. Our projects address HIV prevention, care, and treatment; HIV/TB, Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission (PMTCT), pediatric health and growth; reproductive health; nutrition and agriculture, and capacity building.

We work in the Nyanza region of western Kenya, a resource-limited and underserved area, with the highest HIV prevalence in the country at 15.1% compared to 5.6% nationwide. Our work is currently focused in Kisumu county.

Impact Stat: 44,299 patients actively in HIV care and treatment.

Photos: See the Faces of FACES

See what a day is like within FACES: Visit inside the counseling rooms, the pharmacy, the laboratory, and the data entry rooms. Tag along on a home visit. Attend a meeting of the Children’s Club and a Continuing Medical Education seminar for FACES staff. Click through our gallery to meet the staff and clients who make up the FACES family.

Living Stories: FACES Project Client Perspective

Hear from Violet about what it’s like to be 16 and living with HIV. Read about how a man in Suba decided to have a vasectomy after fathering his twelfth child. Hear from Jamila about her experience being screened and treated for cervical cancer. And meet Diana, a widow with two kids, who became a volunteer peer educator after learning she was HIV positive.