Training providers on adolescent health

This week, we helped Ministry of Health – KENYA conduct the second of four training sessions focused on health care for adolescents, who too often become disconnected from our healthcare system and services. These trainings educate providers and equip them to connect with adolescents about health topics critical to HIV prevention, such as peer pressure, […]

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Hands up for hiv prevention

World Aids Day

World’s AIDS Day – A time to commemorate the precious lives lost and affected by HIV and to celebrate HIV averted through prevention. A giant shout out of gratitude and respect to health care providers, scientists and communities working on solutions, donors who support this important work, and most importantly to those living healthy lives […]

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Paul Gitonga

4th Year School of Medicine, University of Nairobi Nairobi, 11th July – 30th Sept 2016. HIV is a global phenomenon that affects many in the world. Nowhere is this burden greater felt than in Africa with its many other infectious diseases that still bedevil us. As an immunosuppressing disease, HIV predisposes one to other infections […]

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Khalela Hatchett

MPH, University of California, Los Angeles Mbita, June 27th – September 7th 2016. This summer, I assisted with the “Understanding Mobility and Risk in Sustainable East African Research in Community Health (SEARCH) Communities” study in Mbita, which is a collaborative study between UCSF, the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), and the Infectious Disease Research Collaboration […]

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Julia Liu

University of California Berkeley Migori&Suba, 25th May – 6th August 2016 Unlike most STEP participants, I came into FACES without any medical background. I was an undergraduate biology student with an interest in learning more about how to effectively and sustainably work in global health. When I first arrived in Kenya, my primary assignment was […]

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Geny Augustine

St. Maarten School of Medicine Kisumu, July 4th – August 26th 2016. I had no idea what to expect upon my arrival to Kisumu, as this was my first time in Kenya. I was warmly greeted by Catherine, the STEP coordinator and Joelle, another fellow participant and I knew in that moment that everything would […]

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Jill Hagey

UCSF School of Medicine Kisumu, August 2nd – 23rd 2016. Food insecurity and HIV/AIDS remain two of the main causes of mortality and morbidity in Kenya, and are intertwined in a vicious cycle where one predisposes to the other. Over 70% of people living with HIV in Kenya and Uganda are moderately or severely food […]

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Joelle Takahashi

School of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver Kisumu, June 6th – July 26th 2016. I’m a 2nd year medical school student who came to Kisumu during my summer in between 1st and 2nd year of medical school. My time in Kenya was spend doing research on risk factors associated with late enrolled HIV exposed infants. […]

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0000042207-Matthew Pic

Matthew Spinelli

UCSF, Internal Medicine Resident, Suba/Mbita, April 3rd – 28th 2016. I arrived at Remba clinic to a frenetic scene: fishermen were just arriving on the island in the last week after catches started to pick up. Our boat nudged between five other boats filled with fishermen tossing fish unto the beach. I walked through narrow […]

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0000042207-Ali Pic

Ali Khaki

UCSF, Internal Medicine Resident, Rongo, March 3rd – 25th 2016. The FACES clinic site in Rongo was based in the district hospital grounds making for a unique experience including both outpatient HIV care and exposure to inpatient hospital ward rounds. I also had an opportunity to do some field work with the FACES staff visiting […]

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0000042207-Abigail Pic

Abigail Nimz

University of Colorado Denver, 4th Year Medical Student Kisumu, Jan 4th – 26th 2016. As a 4th year medical student I was excited to return to Kenya and continue research on prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV. I first came to Kenya in 2013 and worked on data collection for a cohort of infants […]

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Shamba Maisha launched in Kisumu!

Shamba Maisah is a multi-sectoral agricultural and finance intervention taking place at select sites within FACES. Participants will be trained on irrigated vegetable production, small-scale marketing, and financial management.

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