Case Fatality Due to Cryptococcal Meningitis in a Retrospective Cohort in Kenya

Presented in 2010 at the 18th International AIDS Conference, Vienna, Austria. Objectives: To determine case fatality due to cryptococcal meningitis among HIV infected individuals receiving out-patient HIV care and treatment in Kenya. To determine key predictors of case fatality due to cryptococcal meningitis among HIV infected individuals. Read the study below or click here to download.

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november 2009

November 2009 Newsletter

In this issue: Strengthening Teams: A Mountain Top Experience, On the Shoulders of Giants, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, Health Systems Update, Riders for Health Donation, FACES Volunteer Comments, Enrollment Update, PPCT Update, VMMC Update, Way to Go Kwee Family and AYSO!, Don Bounces Back! Read about these topics and more in the November 2009 newsletter.

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Don Bounces Back

The two faces hardly matched. The man I was seeing now was more of a boxer ready to fight in a heavyweight match than the thin emaciated man I saw six months ago. Don first came to the FACES clinic carried by his elder brother. He clung loosely on his brother’s shoulder, obviously using all […]

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July 2009

July 2009 Newsletter

In this issue: Patients Supporting One Another, Lay Health Care Workers Making a Difference, FACES Snapshot, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, PMTCT, Research, and Lay Health Care Workers, PMTCT Lay Health Care Worker Quote, FACES Volunteer Comments, Enrollment Update, PMTCT Update, VMMC Update, George’s Triumph. Read about these topics and more in the July 2009 newsletter.

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George’s Triumph

George Owino is one of FACES’ most celebrated staff members. In 1998, George was working as casual laborer in Migori. That year, he began experiencing persistent fevers and headaches. Without his knowledge, George’s employer had him tested for HIV and the results indicated that he was HIV+. He was abruptly laid off without being told why. Unemployed, it […]

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March 2009

March 2009 Newsletter

In this issue: Goat it – for healthier lives!, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program, FACES Snapshot, Staff Spotlight, STEP, FACES Volunteer Comments, Enrollment Update, PMTCT Update, A Cutting End to Four Years of Suffering, Nairobi Update, Uliza! Update. Read about these topics and more in the March 2009 newsletter. Read about these topics and more in the March 2009 newsletter.

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A Cutting End to Four Years of Suffering

When he first visited the clinic, Joel Otieno* was not as open about his story as he is today. Perhaps he was not comfortable being in the  company of the young men who make up a chunk of the clinic’s  clientele. He kept fidgeting uneasily in his seat and asking the  counselor when he would be […]

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Dec 2008

December 2008 Newsletter

In this issue: Raila Odinga visit, HIV Apartheid, Soccer (Football) Donation, FACES Snapshot, Integration of Services, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, PPCT Update, Cont. Integration of Services, Nairobi Report: Stigma & HIV, FACES HIV — A Patient’s story, Uliza!, FACES Enrollment Update, A Couple’s Story. Read about these topics and more in the December 2008 newsletter.

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Facing HIV

Living positive has so many challenges. It took me three years before l disclosed my status to anyone. I am a 39-year-old HIV positive mother with three children. I learned my status back in 1999. My husband never wanted anyone to know about my status. I chose to break the news to a friend of mine. Not knowing […]

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Ongo Dispensary in Rongo District

A Couple’s Story: He Says, She Says

He says: For the last three years I have been sick. Every so often I go to the hospital with one ailment or other.  In June 2007 I went to Ongo dispensary for treatment as usual – or so I thought. The doctor who saw me ordered for typhoid, malaria and stool tests. Then he […]

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June 2008

June 2008 Newsletter

In this issue: Recovering from Kenya Post, Election Violence, Shamba Maisha, FACES Snapshot, Shamba Maisha Staff Snapshot, Quote Corner, PPCT Update, Student Training & Education Program (STEP), Nairobi STEP Experience, Suba STEP Experience, Other Updates: Cervical Cancer Screening, Uliza!, FACES Enrollment Numbers, Nutritional & HIV Program, Renewed Hope Through a Bumper Harvest. Read about these topics and more in the June 2008 newsletter.

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Renewed Hope for Better Health Through a Bumper Harvest

Benter is a 35-year-old woman living in Luanda Village, Kisumu, Kenya. She dropped out of school after reaching level seven of primary school. Her husband died in 1999 after suffering a long illness. Six years later, Benter became deathly ill. During an admission at the New Nyanza Provincial hospital she was tested for HIV and […]

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Sports Based HIV Prevention Program for HIV+ and HIV- Youth

Presented in April 2008 at the Global Health Education Consortium Conference in Sacramento, Calif. Results: Collaboration with local community-based organizations allowed us to capitalize on established infrastruc-ture and resources to reach more youth. It also provided an opportunity for children affiliated with the clinic to be welcomed into an outside activity. Engaged coaches were effective facilitators […]

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Improving Enrollment and Retention of Youth into HIV Services: Lessons Learned from Kisumu, Kenya

Presented in 2008 at the 17th International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Mexico. Approach: Partnership between a youth organization (Tuungane) undertaking HIV prevention activities provision of VCT and STI treatment and a family-focused HIV prevention, care and treatment program (FACES), to provide “youth-friendly” HIV care and treatment. Girls’ only day started to improve utilization of the […]

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Optimizing HIV Services for Female Sex Workers: Strategic Collaborations to Improve Access to Care

Presented in 2008 at the 17th International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Mexico. Solution: Fully integrated comprehensive HIV and reproductive health services with prevention and counseling support for FSWs at a single, easily accessible location in Kisumu. Care and support available to FSWs was extended to their children at the same site. HIV clinic which was […]

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Towards Universal Access: Decentralization in Rural Kenya

Presented in 2008 at the 17th International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, Mexico. Decentralize HIV Services: A central hub was established at the district hospital: Serves as centre of excellence, supports peripheral health facilities. Staff at peripheral sites trained on HIV care, including dispensing of ARVs as per national guidelines. Weekly support visits from central site […]

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Dec 2007

December 2007 Newsletter

In this issue: New Steinberg Comprehensive Care Centre, Suba District Hospital, Preventing Parent-to-Child Transmission of HIV, FACES Snapshot, PPCT Staff Snapshot, Quote Corner, Nairobi Report, Student Training & Education Program (STEP), Kisumu Step Experience, Uliza, FACES Enrollment Numbers, Food By Prescription Program, Facing the Truth (Lillian’s Story). Read about these topics and more in the December 2007 newsletter.

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Facing the Truth

I became pregnant in July 2005. The nurses at the antenatal clinic asked me to go for an HIV test. I didn’t hesitate and agreed to the test. I was confident that I would be HIV negative. I cried when I learned the results; I found out I was HIV positive. I wasn’t convinced that […]

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July 2007

July 2007 Newsletter

In this issue: New Facility for FACES Kisumu, Increasing Access to HIV, Care, FACES Snapshot, Suba & Rapid Decentralization, Nairobi Update, Quote Corner, STEP, Suba Experience, Food By Prescription, Uliza, FACES Enrollment Numbers, The Long Road Back (Josephine’s story), Courage and Hope (Mary’s story). Read about these topics and more in the July 2007 newsletter.

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