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March 2009

March 2009 Newsletter

In this issue: Goat it – for healthier lives!, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program, FACES Snapshot, Staff Spotlight, STEP, FACES Volunteer Comments, Enrollment Update, PMTCT Update, A Cutting End to Four Years of Suffering, Nairobi Update, Uliza! Update. Read about these topics and more in the March 2009 newsletter. Read about these topics and more in the March 2009 newsletter.

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Dec 2008

December 2008 Newsletter

In this issue: Raila Odinga visit, HIV Apartheid, Soccer (Football) Donation, FACES Snapshot, Integration of Services, Staff Spotlight, Quote Corner, PPCT Update, Cont. Integration of Services, Nairobi Report: Stigma & HIV, FACES HIV — A Patient’s story, Uliza!, FACES Enrollment Update, A Couple’s Story. Read about these topics and more in the December 2008 newsletter.

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June 2008

June 2008 Newsletter

In this issue: Recovering from Kenya Post, Election Violence, Shamba Maisha, FACES Snapshot, Shamba Maisha Staff Snapshot, Quote Corner, PPCT Update, Student Training & Education Program (STEP), Nairobi STEP Experience, Suba STEP Experience, Other Updates: Cervical Cancer Screening, Uliza!, FACES Enrollment Numbers, Nutritional & HIV Program, Renewed Hope Through a Bumper Harvest. Read about these topics and more in the June 2008 newsletter.

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Dec 2007

December 2007 Newsletter

In this issue: New Steinberg Comprehensive Care Centre, Suba District Hospital, Preventing Parent-to-Child Transmission of HIV, FACES Snapshot, PPCT Staff Snapshot, Quote Corner, Nairobi Report, Student Training & Education Program (STEP), Kisumu Step Experience, Uliza, FACES Enrollment Numbers, Food By Prescription Program, Facing the Truth (Lillian’s Story). Read about these topics and more in the December 2007 newsletter.

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July 2007

July 2007 Newsletter

In this issue: New Facility for FACES Kisumu, Increasing Access to HIV, Care, FACES Snapshot, Suba & Rapid Decentralization, Nairobi Update, Quote Corner, STEP, Suba Experience, Food By Prescription, Uliza, FACES Enrollment Numbers, The Long Road Back (Josephine’s story), Courage and Hope (Mary’s story). Read about these topics and more in the July 2007 newsletter.

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March 2007 Newsletter

In this issue: World AIDS Day 2006, FACES Suba Honoured, FACES Snapshot, Tuungane Youth Centre, Visiting Student’s Tuungane Experience, Uliza! Clinician’s Hotline, Children’s Quote Corner, FACES Children: A Top Priority for Care, FACES Children’s Club, My Story, My Hope (Symon’s story). Read about those topics and more in the March 2007 newsletter.

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