Mark Murithii


Nairobi University, 4th  Year MBCHB
Nairobi , CRDR and KEMRI – MIMOSA
Oct – Nov 2015.

Going to the FACES clinic I just had a few objectives to meet:participate in HIV education,counseling,care and treatment and participate in diagnosis and treatment of opportunistic infections.One of my best times in the STEP electives was when preparing for a CME and selecting the best topic.We decided to tackle cervical cancer because of the increased risk of cervical cancer with HIV.

I felt that it was important for the clinic to provide a first point care of Cancer of the cervix through screening and based on the already established rapport with the patients. This would enable them to early detect cervical cancer or the precancerous lesions for early prompt management. The presentation was amazing and question time-already qualified professionals challenging us with questions that we had to respond to but I must say we did alright. I challenged them to screen for cervical cancer with almost similar energy as they do for TB screening.Other than the CME I was lucky to participate and prepare for a case study on TB lymphadenitis with a colleague.

Most of the patients at the FACES clinic were accustomed to arriving at the clinic in the morning hours and what was impressing was the patient flow from one point to another.On arrival a patient would pick a number(first come first served basis) and leave their clinic card for file retrieval,triage,Doctor,laboratory,pharmacy and counseling if need be.That flow was very efficient and it reduced the patient waiting time. There is good patient Doctor interaction which I was glad to have been part of considering I was allowed to have a one to one interaction with the patients after being taught how to manage a patient based on their file from cover to cover,page by page(literally).However I must say that some challenges still exist in patient compliance to treatment despite counseling as I witnessed in some cases.

That’s best how to summarize my stay at FACES and maybe given an opportunity I would consider going back and am so grateful to the staff for making my stay a great one. I hope they learnt from me as much as I learnt from them.

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