Univ Nairobi HIV/AIDS Collaborative Centre Annual Meeting 2016, Mayfair Court Southern Sun Hotel in Nairobi January 25 -29, 2016. Abstracts due December 11, 2015

Univ of Nairobi HIV & AIDS Collaborative Centre Annual Meeting 2016

Re: Annual Scientific Review and Planning Meeting, University of Nairobi STD/AIDS Collaborative Centre

We are pleased to announce that the next Annual Meeting of the University of Nairobi Collaborative Centre for Research and Training in HIV/AIDS/STIs is scheduled to be held from January 25-29, 2016 at the Mayfair Court Southern Sun Hotel in Nairobi.

We are planning for the meeting to extend over the full five days, with various satellite session and individual group meetings scheduled later in the afternoon.

A preliminary programme will be sent to you in early January, but it will follow the same format as previous years — thematic sessions during which each project will report on recent developments, research results and plans, with time allotted for general discussion.

This announcement is to request:

1) That you confirm your participation at the meeting.

2) For those of you from outside Nairobi, please inform us if you require hotel accommodation, and we will make a booking for you.  Please inform us of your approximate arrival and departure dates.   The Mayfair Court is offering the conference a discounted room rate of US$ 225 single / $250 double per night, bed and breakfast, which is actually less than the rate as last year.  For room bookings and other logistical information, please contact:Ethel Wanjiku  – ewanjiku@csrtkenya.org

 3) That you send us the title(s) of your/your group’s presentation(s), and your approximate time requirements.  If you have a special presentation or report that you wish to make, please let us know so that we can add it to the programme.  We would request that besides the title you also submit a very brief abstract (250 words or less) of the presentation, so that it will be easier to schedule it appropriately.  Please also indicate the full name and affiliation of the person(s) who will be making the presentation.

While we welcome individual abstract submissions, we would also request that the various projects coordinate their presentations and submit them together – this will aid not only in scheduling the sessions, but will also assist in reducing the program length – if there are a number of related presentations from a single project, not every speaker will need to repeat the background, objectives, etc. of the project in question.

We should also note that due to the high numbers of submissions in recent years, submission of an abstract may not guarantee you a spot in the program.  Late abstract submission may also not secure you a place on the programme.  Because some projects will need to submit their abstracts for donor approval, we would ask that you send us the abstract and title at the same time or even before you send it for approval, trusting that approval will be obtained by the time of the meeting in late January.

If any group would like to book a room for a satellite session, please let us know that as well so that we can make appropriate arrangements.

As in the past few years, we will be charging an individual registration fee, payable in advance, to attend the meeting. However, we are pleased to report that despite inflation and other price increases, the registration fee this year will be unchanged from the past two years at KSh 4,800 per person per day, which will cover the meeting costs as well as lunch, coffee, tea, etc.

Individual projects can determine whether their project staff will be covered for the entire week or only a portion of the programme, whether they will cover the registration for their delegates, or whether this will be an individual matter.   We will be contacting you again in December or early January to ascertain the numbers from your project to expect, and also to arrange payment.  It will be possible to pay at the door, but to reduce confusion and delays, we would hope that this could be organized ahead of time.

Please inform us if you would like an invitation to be extended to other researchers or research groups working in Kenya or the region, or other colleagues that you know might want to attend the meeting.  You could forward this letter directly to them if you so wish.

Please send your replies and abstracts (no later than December 11 please) to Dr. Larry Gelmon, who has again been delegated to organise the programme of the meeting:

Phone: +254-733-790596
e-mail:  lgelmon@csrtkenya.org or larry.gelmon@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you, and meeting you in Nairobi in January.   Please forward this email to people or groups that you think would want to participate in this meeting, who may not be on the mailing list.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. W, Jaoko, Chair, Department of Medical Microbiology

Prof. W. Mwanda, Director, UNITID

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