Chinwe Onu



UCSF School of Medicine

Kisumu, Sept 2014 – May 2015

This is my second time working at FACES. I worked at FACES initially in 2011 and it was an enlightening experience both medically and personally. I worked on cervical cancer screening needs assessment and had the opportunity to volunteer at the clinic. Under the guidance of May Maloba, I learned how to perform cervical cancer screening in a low resource setting. Additionally the medical officers and nursing were always willing to provide their guidance and knowledge whenever I saw patients. Sometimes it was difficult providing care when resources are limited but I learned to improvise. As a first year medical student, the experience further increased my desire to work outside of the US. I knew I wanted to do more global health work before graduating from medical school but did not to know to what capacity. By the end of third year, I wanted to gain some experience doing research work and looked forward to the chance of returning to FACES.

During my return to Kisumu in 2014, I started the ground work for setting up the MIND study which is a randomized control trial looking at the efficacy of interpersonal psychotherapy in reducing depressive and PTSD symptoms in HIV+ women affected by gender based violence. I worked with other departments within FACES such as the RTCP team in Nairobi, ICT team, financial accounting team and the procurement team in Kisumu. It was an excellent opportunity to understand the different roles that make FACES a success as a clinical and research facility.

As for recommendations on accommodation and food, there are places to stay at Kisumu but they vary in price. Prior to leaving, join the Kisumu google group and make room inquiries. There is also alkesh’s apartment (google it), which is on the pricey side. For food, eat everything that comes your way!!! J You are in a new country so enjoy the different cuisines like ugali, chapatti, sukuma, fish etc. Contact me if you have any questions.

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