UoN and UCSF-EA Abstracts

FACES abstracts presented at UoN Jan 2014 in Nairobi and UCSF-EA Jan 2014 in Kisumu, Kenya


The operational impact of new World Health Organization (WHO) antiretroviral treatment (ART) guidelines on HIV patient volume and program costs in Kisumu sub-County, Kenya; Oyaro P., Lewis-Kulzer J., Armes M., Bukusi EA., Cohen CR., Shade SB. (UoN & UCSF-EA) 


Extended daily nevirapine prophylaxis for HIV exposed infants improves uptake of HIV testing in Western Kenya; Akama E. Mburu M., Mutegi E, Nyanaro G., Otieno JP. Ndolo S., Ojwang’ L., Lewis-Kulzer J., Abuogi L., Oyaro P., Cohen, C.R., Bukusi, E.A.,Onono M.  (UoN & UCSF-EA)


Impact of a male centered rapid results initiative approach on PMTCT services in FACES supported MOH facilities in Nyanza Province; Okoko N.A., Owuor K., Lewis-Kulzer J., Owino G.  Ogolla I., Wandera R., Bukusi E.A., Cohen C.R., Abuogi L  (UoN & UCSF-EA)


Factors associated with HIV infection despite overall low transmission rates in HIV Exposed Infants in rural Kenya;  Akama, E., Oyaro, P.,Nimz, A., Mburu, M., Diouf, K., Lewis-Kulzer J., Cohen, C.R., Bukusi, E.A.,Abuogi, L.  (UoN & UCSF-EA)


Extended Nevirapine Prophylaxis for Infants and Its Impact on Vertical Transmission Rates at 18 months, a Retrospective Cohort Study; Nimz A, Akama E, Mburu M, Diouf K, Oyaro P, Hongo, B, Bukusi EA, Cohen CR, Abuogi L  (UoN & UCSF-EA)


Infant HIV Outcomes at 18 Months and PMTCT service factors at Lumumba Health Centre, Kisumu, Kenya; Odhiambo N.1,2, Lewis-Kulzer J.2, 3, Armes M.N.2,3, Abuogi L.2,4, Akama E.1,2, Owuor K.1,2, Bukusi EA.1, 2, Cohen CR.2, 3  (UCSF-EA)


Demographic and clinical characteristics associated with timely utilization of cervical cancer prevention services for women enrolled in comprehensive HIV care in western Kenya; Maloba.M, Mburu.M, Emerson. R, Abdulrahim. N, Oyaro. P, Adhiambo. H, Aluda. M , Cohen CR, Bukusi.E.A, Huchko. M (UoN & UCSF-EA)


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