Chaz Langelier STEP Experience

Internal Medicine Resident, UCSF
FACES Migori, November 2013

I had an outstanding experience with FACES in Migori.  I truly learned a great deal about HIV patient care as well as diagnosis and clinical management of neglected tropical infectious diseases.  I was overwhelmingly impressed by the dedication and commitment of the FACES staff and all that is being done to improve the lives of those living with HIV in Migori and surrounding communities.  I was also very taken by the warmth, kindness and hospitality of so many of the FACES team with whom I worked.   My time in the clinics and wards re-affirmed my reasons for being a physician and motivated me to continue research directed at the diseases which disproportionately impact developing nations.  I would look forward to working with FACES more in the future and hope to return soon to teach, work, learn and partner with research.

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