Jennifer Albon

1st year Medical Student, UCSF
FACES Kisumu, Summer 2007

I did a project elective at FACES in Kisumu for two months during the summer between my first and second years of medical school at the University of California, San Francisco. My project was to set up a football (soccer) program for HIV prevention for HIV positive and HIV negative youth, including youth affiliated with the clinic. FACES has a lot of projects going on and are ever expanding – the manpower to get things started is an obvious limiting factor. This is a great organization to work with for grassroots projects because of the amount of support you get– from the medical officers to the staff and everyone in between. FACES is a big family with each dedicated and inspiring family member welcoming you with open arms. There are also a lot of other community based organizations in Kisumu to coordinate your work with, and every Friday morning at the CDC you can listen to / participate in presentations from many different organizations working in the area to broaden your perspective. My experience at FACES was invaluable in shaping my career plans and ambitions and I hope to return to Kisumu in the future.

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