Lynn Farreles

Resident, UBC Division of International Health
FACES Suba, January – February 2007

I spent two months in Suba working alongside the tireless, energetic and committed FACES team. During my time, I had the opportunity to participate in key aspects of HIV/AIDS care namely clinical work, program management and design, and community development. Experience in all these aspects is important as most family physicians who work in resource-poor settings find themselves responsible for not only the clinical aspects of health care delivery, but also the programmatic aspects. Community development is also an important aspect to improving the health of communities. In Suba, the status of women is quite poor, with prostitution and violence being a common experience. So, during my time in Suba, I also had the opportunity to participate in the initial formation of a women’s support group. All in all, I had a very enriching experience—both personally and professionally. I highly recommend this rotation to anyone interested in working in resource-poor settings.

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