Meeting on the HIV Prevention Needs of Female Migrants

From left, Dr. Carol Camlin, presenter, Mrs. Lillian Achiro, presenter, and the dissemination meeting as a whole.

Local Dissemination of Findings from Pilot Study on the HIV Prevention Needs of Female Migrants

On Thursday 19 January, KEMRI and UCSF researchers convened a local stakeholder meeting to report back on findings from a pilot study on the HIV prevention needs of female migrants in and around the Kisumu area of Nyanza Province.  The meeting was convened by Dr. Carol Camlin of UCSF and Mr. Zachary Kwena, Mrs. Lillian Achiro and Mrs. Sarah Ambunya of KEMRI, members of a research team that also includes Drs. Craig Cohen and Shari Dworkin of UCSF and Dr. Elizabeth Bukusi of KEMRI.

In attendance were 29 representatives of local Government and Non‐Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Beach Management Units from six beaches in Nyanza Province, all of whom had participated in key informant interviews prior to the start of the study in 2010.  These groups included Kisumu Municipal Council, Police Department, Gender and Social Development Department, women’s and development NGOs including the Kenya Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), Women in the Fishing Industry (WIFIP), C‐MEDA, Plan International, KEFEADO, commercial sex worker advocacy groups and other groups.

The research team received valuable feedback from the stakeholders about the findings of the pilot study, as well as plans for the next phase of research on the HIV risks faced by female migrants and their HIV prevention needs.

University of California San Francisco (UCSF) & Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI)

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