Family Planning: Men Embracing Vasectomy

JONATHAN OLEWE, Client at Kisegi in Suba District

VIOLET: What’s your name?

CLIENT: My name is Olewe.

VIOLET: When did you enroll in HIV care?

CLIENT: I started HIV care in 2006.

VIOLET: Where did you hear about family planning?

CLIENT: I heard about it at the hospital when one of the health staff was giving the morning lesson.

VIOLET: Why did you decide to do a vasectomy?

CLIENT: I have two wives and twelve children. I think those are enough for me. I also think that I determine the size of family and so it’s better if I participate. I am also [HIV] positive and I think instead of making my wives pregnant I would like to help them take care of the children we have.

VIOLET: Do they know your plans of having a vasectomy?

CLIENT: Yes, they know. In fact one of them had opted to do a BTL [bilateral tubal ligation] but I think it’s better if I do it than the two of them. They all accept the idea. The only fear is if I will continue to function as a man. And I have proved that I am ok, I am functioning normally.

VIOLET: What do you think can be done to encourage more men to do a vasectomy?

CLIENT: I am encouraging others and I think soon some will want it. Then we also need to go from house to house educating the men.

January 2011

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