‘Missing AIDS Patients’: FACES Featured In ‘The New York Times’

On October 25, 2010, FACES was featured in David Tuller’s New York Times article, Trying to Follow the Trail of Missing AIDS Patients. Tuller writes about HIV patients lost to follow-up and the efforts to reinitiate them on care. Tuller writes:

… Patients who have not come for their medications in recent months are considered to have defaulted from treatment. As a “defaulter tracer,” Peter [Ouma Mchembere] tries to track them down, find out what’s gone wrong and get them back into treatment, if possible.

Epidemiologists refer to such patients as “lost to follow-up,” and their increasing numbers in sub-Saharan Africa are causing concern among providers of H.I.V. and AIDS care. Interruptions in treatment lead to viral strains that are resistant to the cheapest medications, and to higher rates of illness and death.

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