New Grant from Tides Africa

We are excited to announce that we have recently been awarded an additional $80,000 from The Africa Family Planning and HIV Integration Fund (Tides Africa) of Tides Foundation for our Family Planning / HIV Integration project. During the coming year, these funds will be used to empower and educate district Reproductive Health Coordinators (RHCs) to increase their involvement and commitment to integrating family planning and HIV services.

This effort will include a site visit by the RHCs and other FACES FP/HIV integration staff to another Tides grantee site, IntraHealth International HIV/AIDS Clinical Service Program (HCSP) in Rwanda, to learn about their strategies and challenges working with the Rwandan Ministry of Health to integrate family planning into HIV care.

The site visit will be followed by a small grants program in which each RHC will be supported to conduct a well-designed and thought-out FP/HIV integration project.

FACES and its Family Planning / HIV Integration project were also recently highlighted in the newsletter of Changing the Tide: Newsletter of the Tides Africa FP/HIV Integration Fund. In “Coordinated Care and Top Research: A FACES – Kenya Profile,” Brian Baughan writes:

Based in the western province of Nyanza and Nairobi, two locations deeply impacted by HIV/AIDS,the organization recognizes the untested nature of HIV/FP integration. No one has proven the best approach to integration—proponents can’t even find consensus on the proper definition of integration. Yet, FACES keeps building its case for this new model of care.

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